I'm fixing an internal notification program for Review Board. When a
new comment is made, for example, it shows a popup that can take the
user to the correct review page. This is written in C# and interfaces
with RB using it's json API.

Some things that have been requested but I haven't found a way to do
yet are...

 * Getting a list of all starred reviews (for a particular user). As
far as I can see in the API, it's only possible to get the reviews, or
star or unstar a review, but there is no information in the json data
if the user has starred it or not.

 * Show which reviews are possibly close-able. I.e., one version would
be to check the number of unique ShipIts (just count once per user)
and see if they are equal to the number of reviewers. I can't seem to
get this information from json either.

 * Find out which reviews have new updates that the user haven't seen
(like the speak bubble icon in the list of reviews). Doesn't seem to
be in json either.

Are these things there (and I'm not seeing them), or would it be
possible to fix it?  Maybe there's already an issue about this - but I
couldn't find that either.

Oh, and thanks for a great product!
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