Is there any documentation for this post-review script?
Where should this script run? In my case we are using a linux server
for review-board and have windows-client where we are working on our
code (svn working base is on windows). Does this script fit into this
Do I have the possibility to connect via ssh and work with the post-
review script?

Another alternative could be a REST webservice for review-board to
upload new reviews?!

~ Bernd

On 12 Feb., 18:26, Jeff Andros <> wrote:
> 2009/2/12 Brot <>
> > Hello,
> > today I installed Reviewboard and now I have a few questions.
> > 1)
> > Is there a possibility to create reviews from the command-line or in
> > scripts? It's not really handy to upload the diff-file for every
> > review. The manual way wouldn't get acceptance and the developers will
> > not use reviews.
> Yup! there's a script called post-review... I think for now you have to get
> it from SVN, but Christian is working on packaging this for easy_install
> > 2)
> > If a developer accepts an review, is there a way to commit the
> > reviewed diff automatically?
> Not by default... that's a job for your SCM...although the forthcoming
> extensions might make that possible... or you might be able to use the API
> to have a daemon search for shipit tags and submit for you
> > ~ Bernd
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> Jeff
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