Oh heck. Now I feel dumb.  The example config was there all along and
I was looking in the wrong place. Sorry to waste everyone's time. Now
I just need to make it work.

On Feb 13, 5:15 pm, David B <da...@ball1.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Briefly...
> I'm looking for some guidance or a working example of httpd.conf
> settings for Review Board under Cygwin and Apache2 *without*
> mod_perl.  Can anyone help?
> The full story...
> I am attempting to install Review Board under Cygwin on Windows XP.
> I'm just looking to evaluate the system for now - the final
> installation will most likely be on a UNIX or Linux server - so I
> thought it would be simplest thing would be to install everything
> under Cygwin (i.e. not use native Win32 components). So, amongst
> others I have installed the following Cygwin packages:
> * Web->apache2
> * Python->python
> * Utils->patch_utils
> * Devel->gcc-core
> * X11->libx11-devel
> * Graphics->jpeg
> * Database->sqlit3
> I finally got the easy_install to complete (The PIL dependency was
> causing it to lock up when calling gcc so I installed PIL from the
> tar.gz package instead - which worked fine once I had installed the
> Cygwin jpeg package).
> I have set up my Review Board site - at least the "rb-site install"
> command completed ok.  I understand from various Google searches that
> mod_python is not available or easily built under Cygwin so I chose
> the fastcgi option instead.
> My question now is, can someone guide me as to the correct httpd.conf
> entry for this configuration. The only examples I can find all assume
> mod_python.
> Many thanks
> David
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