Hi all,

Just tried uploading a diff based on changes to our instance of

The diff contains a number of changes to existing code, plus the
addition of two new files.

When I click "View Diff" the changes to existing code display
correctly.  However, in the "Files Changed" summary the files that
were added have the following message: "Diff currently unavailable."

If I scroll down to the file display, I can see the following error:

Revision 12789  New Change
Diff currently unavailable.
Error: The file '/OpenRoad.ThoughtFarmer.Core/Caching/
ConfigSettingsCacheService.cs' (r12789) could not be found in the
repository: File not found: revision 12789, path '/projects/

This seems like an odd error -- of course the file isn't in the
repository, it's a new file and hasn't been checked in yet.  I would
expect ReviewBoard to allow me to review the code, but no diff would
be necessary.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

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