Hi there,

I'm not a python expert. I've never used pylucene, or jcc. I'm just
trying to follow the instructions and have a good result. The problem
is, since I'm not an expert in python, I don't really know what the
error messages mean.

(PS. You know what would've been cool about reviewboard? If the
install was as easy as "yum install reviewboard", gosh that would've
been nice. But I digress).

I wanted to install pylucene, because it looks like it would be very
useful. I was able to build the jcc. However, when I try and make
pylucene, It gets partially through the make, but then it errors out
(after building many files) saying

  /usr/bin/python: module jcc has no associated file

I did google around trying to figure out what this means, but have not
had any luck. If anyone on this board knows what this means, and how
to resolve it, I'd be really grateful.

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