Hi Pierre,

You'll need to move your open files from the default changelist to a
numbered pending changelist. You can continue to edit them and they won't be
checked in.

At the command line you can do this with:

    p4 change

Which will open your text editor so you can describe your new changelist and
select which files it is to include. By default all of the opened files on
your default changelist will be included. Just delete the ones you don't

In P4Win (and I expect P4V too, but I'm behind the times and don't use it
yet) right click on your opened file(s) and select "Move to another
changelist...", or right click on the default changelist itself and select
"New changelist..."

Once you have done this, run the post-review script and provide the number
of your newly created (but not submitted) changelist.

Obviously you need to run post-review on the same machine/login where you
are editing the files.


On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 7:24 PM, Pierre Rouleau <prouleau...@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
> First: many thanks for this great application!!
> This might be a newbie question, and I apologize if this is.  I have
> been looking to find an answer to that question but failed so far...
> My question is:
> With ReviewBoard Alpha 4 and Perforce VCS, is it possible to create
> pre-commit review (and how)?
> I tried using the post-commit script but it seems to require a
> changeset number.
> Thanks in advance!
> Pierre
> >

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