Building a datagrid is too verbose and we're repeating data that it
has been already set in the models. So could use those metadata.

class TableDataGrid(grids.DataGrid):
   model = models.Table
   meta = model._meta
   fields = [ for field in meta._fields()]

   # ### This faills. But the idea is to execute dinamically all
   data = {}
   for field in meta._fields():
      name =
      if 'id' in name:
         name = 'pk'
      data[name] = "grids.Column(%s)" % unicode(field.verbose_name)
   # ###

   def __init__(self, request):
      grids.DataGrid.__init__(self, request, self.model.objects.all(),
      self.default_sort = self.meta.ordering
      self.default_columns = self.fields

To working with metada:

Thanks for this application. It should be in django.contribs because
there are many people that needs anything so (and it's more powerfull
than databrowse).

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