Hi Pierre,

"Submitted" basically means that the review process for this change is done,
the code (or docs, or images, etc) has gone in, and no further work will be
done on this particular review request or change. New work on the feature
would then go into a new review request. By marking it as submitted, it
won't clutter up people's dashboards anymore.

The only time I really see a submitted review request being reopened is when
there's a build breakage and the change was reverted and must be updated
again, but whether it's used this way or not is a personal thing. A
developer could easily create a new review request for this purpose.

In a future version, I'm hoping we can make this a little more useful by
specifying an optional message when closing as submitted (such as the change
number/revision the change was committed in).


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On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Pierre Rouleau <prouleau...@gmail.com>wrote:

> First off: thanks for this great tool.
> My question: what is the design intent for the concept of:
> - Ship it button
> - Review states:
>  - None
>  - draft
>  - Submitted
> I can understand what 'draft' would mean: the review has just been
> created from a changeset/changelist set of file diff and are waiting
> for the user to enter some extra information (who will perform the
> review, who the audience is, potentially some instructions and
> background information).
> Once the information is entered and the review is published, the state
> tag dissappears (I therefore call it: None).
> However, as other post have pointed out, I fail to understand the real
> intent of the 'Submitted' state.   At this point I don't really care
> about the selected name (whether Submit or Commit is used), what I
> want to know is what the state is supposed to represent.  Does it mean
> that:
> - the reviewer has completed his/her review along with the interaction
> from the original author and therefore the code can be used into the
> software package/product (this is what I take it to mean);
> - the review information is submitted to ReviewBoard to be remembered
> forever and all work related to this is finished;
> - that there is another state following that 'Submitted' state.
> Thanks
> --
> Pierre
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