We just setup the alpha at work and I'd like to give some feedback.

The most important thing is when dealing with brand new code or code
that has been refactored to the point that a diff is completely out of
context.  It would be nice just to post single files and not diffs to
review board and have syntax highlighted view that could be commented
on.  (this could be hacked by diffing against an empty file or
something but why would I want to waste space and not syntax

Also commenting on lines seems weird in a side by side diff.  It seems
like you should be able to comment _either_ or _both_.  The first
review I did a function was moved from the top of the file, to the
bottom and diff didn't line up.  So in other words, it would be nice
to comment on the right hand only, left hand only, or maybe both if
you'd like to reference the before and after.

This software is amazing and hats off to you guys.  I heard about the
internal google code review tool (saw a presentation on it and was
drooling)  The open source version wasn't up to snuff and you guys
seem to be the first with an well rounded awesome product.  Congrats
on all the hard work!

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