> I'm not sure what you mean about not syntax highlighting though. As long as
> the file extension is correct, it should syntax highlight correctly, even if
> it's a new dummy file.

Hmm, it was my first time, I'll have to see why that didn't work

> As far as commenting is concerned, it's difficult to change the existing
> commenting UI too much, in terms of how to select which region to comment on
> in the diff viewer. I wouldn't want to change users' expectations of how
> this works. Maybe we can put this in the comment dialog itself to indicate
> if the comment is specifically against the code in the old file, new file,
> or both. I'd have to think about how to make this not seem confusing though.

This isn't a big deal, just seemed like there was a disconnect with
using it for the
first time.  The current format works just fine, but just wanted to
share my first

> Would you mind filing feature enhancements on these things? As I said above,
> it will be a while before we can really address these issues, but having
> bugs filed will help us at least to track and prioritize these.

Of course I will.  Anything I can do to make your job easier :)

Jeff Bisbee / jbis...@gmail.com / jbisbee.multiply.com

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