I am a newbie with Django, ReviewBoard and Apache and I am clueless on
getting Apache to serve up ReviewBoard site.  I followed the basic
installation on my Ubuntu Hardy machine.  Everything seemed well
except http://reviews.example.com timed out.  The following are my

(1) Django and ReviewBoard installations.


(2) ReviewBoard apache directory


(3) Apache set up.

I added the following configure to /etc/apache2/sites-available/apache-
modpython.conf and made a symlink to it in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.

<VirtualHost *:80>
        ServerName reviews.example.com
        DocumentRoot /var/www/reviews.example.com/htdocs

        # Error handlers
        ErrorDocument 500 /errordocs/500.html

        # Serve django pages
        <Location "/">
                PythonPath "['/usr//lib/python2.5/site-packages/','/var/www/
reviews.example.com/conf'] + sys.p
                SetEnv DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE reviewboard.settings
                SetEnv PYTHON_EGG_CACHE 
                SetHandler mod_python
                PythonHandler django.core.handlers.modpython
                PythonAutoReload Off
                PythonDebug Off
                # Used to run multiple mod_python sites in the same apache
                PythonInterpreter reviewboard_reviews_example_com

        # Serve static media without running it through mod_python
        # (overrides the above)
        <Location "/media">
                SetHandler None
        <Location "/errordocs">
                SetHandler None

        <Directory "/var/www/reviews.example.com/htdocs">
                AllowOverride All

        # Alias static media requests to filesystem
        Alias /media /var/www/reviews.example.com/htdocs/media
        Alias /errordocs /var/www/reviews.example.com/htdocs/errordocs

(4) I edited /etc/hosts       reviews.example.com

At this point, I had no idea how to access ReviewBoard's site.

Thanks in  advance for all suggestions.
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