There is a post-commit hook for subversion that will automatically
close reviews. That's not at all what you asked for, but maybe it will
help. It's at contrib/tools/post-commit.

On Mar 2, 1:22 pm, David Trowbridge <> wrote:
> We've been toying around with how best to do this for a while. Can you
> add your suggestions 
> to This will
> help us keep track of them better.
> Thanks!
> -David
> On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 7:40 AM, Isaac Wagner <> wrote:
> > My users have a real hard time going back to close a review once they have
> > submitted the code.  Instead of my periodically auditing the open reviews it
> > would be nice to have reminder emails sent out at a configurable period.
> > Or, even just a button that I could click on to send reminder emails to
> > anyone with a review that has been pending for more than x days (where x is
> > configurable).
> > Thanks.
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