Hi folks,
A slightly generic question, but hopefully ok to post it here.

ReviewBoard looks like a very promising tool to support code review
where I work, but it will need some modification to fit with our
development processes and QA requirements.  I expect some changes will
be too specific to submit back into the Review Board code base, but I
would like to submit any changes people feel are are generally useful.

Anyway, the question....   I'm an experienced C/UNIX and shell script
developer, with some Java, PL/SQL, VB, C++, C# and other technologies
on the side. I am however completely new to Python and to some extent
web-based application development in general.  I'm gradually finding
my way around Django (very impressive) and the Review Board code - at
the moment using my trusty vim editor.

I'd be grateful if people could share their recommendations/
preferences for development tools or IDEs when working with the Review
Board code.  I'm more than happy to stick with vim if that's what most
folks do, but I don't want to make my life hard if their are other
options which offer greater productivity.

Its likely some of the development will be in my own time, so my
preference would be open source tools, and failing that free or low
cost options.

Many thanks
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