Features along this line have been requested by many people in the past, so
we're going to have to look into this after 1.0 at some point, but for the
time-being, there's nothing in the dashboard for it.

Problem with policy-related features is that everyone has a different idea
of what should indicate approval to commit. Some people want some number of
reviews to mark "Ship It," some want everybody, different people have
different ideas about number of people from a group, etc. So without some
clear but extensive customizable policy support, we can't really accept
anything specific to one setup.

To get the number of "Ship It"s, you'll need to do a query, something like:

num_ship_its = review_request.reviews.filter(ship_it=True).count()

Or for the actual reviews with "Ship It" statuses:

reviews = review_request.reviews.filter(ship_it=True)

You'd then have to get the target_people and target_groups on the review
request, and compare that list to your number of reviews, if you want custom
logic there.

You can find out more about how to do these queries at
by looking at reviewboard/reviews/models.py to see the fields.


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On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 1:16 PM, dyoon....@gmail.com <dyoon....@gmail.com>wrote:

> I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to see in the dashboard
> whether or not everybody who were requested to review marked "Ship
> It!". That is, if Joe, Sue and Mark were supposed to review and all
> three have OK'd it, or if everybody in "UI" group have agreed it's
> shippable. I can't find a way to set such things under Admin section.
> If I have to indeed modify the code myself, I can see that I can
> modify ShipItColumn.render_data(). What I would need is how to count
> the total number of reviewers for a given ReviewRequest object, which
> appear to be related to target_group and target_people fields. Is
> there way to do a head count for those two fields?
> Thanks,
> Daniel
> >

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