We have the same problem with large project files, and in our case the
xml gets rearranged whenever the project file is saved.  The resulting
diffs could be so monstrous that we could not load the review request

To deal with this problem, I wrote a script that deletes file diffs
from the review board database after a review request has been
created.  That's a poor solution, but it's working for now.  I wrote
it for a RB version from October, and have not tested it with the
latest alphas.  One major drawback is that RB can still choke on
simply trying to create a review request from such a large file.

The key SQL code is:

WHERE diffviewer_filediff.dest_file LIKE
AND diffviewer_filediff.diffset_id
    (SELECT id FROM diffviewer_diffset
     WHERE diffset.history_id
         (SELECT diffset_history_id FROM reviews_reviewrequest
          WHERE request.id =

You supply a request ID and a file name pattern.

I have uploaded the script as "erase_diff.py" into the files section
of this group.


On Mar 4, 10:46 am, ticica <tic...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The makefiles in our projects are very large (store a lot of
> autogenerated dependency information). This makes the diff for review
> very large. Is there a way to limit the diff to exclude certain
> portions of a file, or a whole file perhaps?
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