The same situation is discussed here, but the follow-up just says
basically "I changed a config and fixed it" with no details.  I'm
hoping they follow-up more there too:

On Mar 5, 12:22 pm, Manas Mutha <> wrote:
> I am facing the same problem..
> On Mar 5, 12:39 pm, tadow <> wrote:
> > I'm obviously missing something here, but I installed reviewboard
> > into /var/www/reviews on my server.  When I go to the site, htdocs is
> > basically empty except for a link to errordocs and a media directory.
> > I don't have any files in /var/www/reviews/ either (other than
> > directories).  I expected that I would have an index file in there
> > somewhere so that the web interface would work.
> > Any guesses on what went wrong?
> > This is the one I installed:
> > ReviewBoard-1.0alpha4-py2.5.egg
> > and then I ran rb-site install...
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