I must be missing something simple (I hope).

Here are the steps I am taking to install latest 1.0alpha5 on Ubuntu
8.04 with lighttpd:

installed all dependencies

sudo easy_install ReviewBoard

rb-site install --copy-media /home/user/webapps/reviewboard
  - specify domain, lighttpd, sqlite, and all others as defaults

this creates a site with the following files and dirs in  /home/user/
webapps/reviewboard :
  -conf/  db/  htdocs/  logs/  tmp/

This is where I am missing something.  Am I supposed to install this
into an existing django app?  Or did something go wrong?  Or did I
miss a step?  Where are the "guts" of the application?

If it's in the docs I must be blind as I've looked over them many

Any help would be appreciated.


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