Hey Christian,

> What you can do in this case is to set your main repository URL to be your
> anonymous path (which Review Board will use for checkouts), and then set
> Mirror Path to be your developer SVN URL. When looking up a URL, it will
> check against both of those URLs, and should find the developer one.

I was hoping that was what the Mirror Path was for, but all the
documentation I could find via a cursory Google search said this was a
Perforce only feature.

Anyhow, I set it up, and it works perfectly.  I did have a small hitch
that I sorted out though -- I had a trailing slash in my repository's
Path, and that was causing it to fail detection.  Clearly an idiot
mistake, but it would be nice if RB would work around it or warn me in
some way.  I'll be happy to file a bug for it if you agree.



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