I'm testing out the use of git-svn with an instance of Review Board
1.0 Alpha 4.  I'm currently getting an error from the server if my
parent_diff contains the deletion of a file (because the file only
exists in trunk/master, not in the branch/remote).  I don't have
enough access to debug what's going on on the server (I can tomorrow),
but this is my situation:

1. I have a module (uia2atk) in Mono SVN, with various branches and
2. I am using git-svn to pull in the trunk, branches, and tags of this
3. I am primarily working out of a branch called "post-1.0-
research" (this is a local branch of the remote svn branch "git-svn/
branches/post-1.0-research").  There are new files in SVN trunk that
have not been merged into the SVN branch.
4. I have made several commits in my local post-1.0-research branch.
5. When I run `post-review --parent=git-svn/branches/post-1.0-research
-d` from within my local "post-1.0-research" branch, I receive this

Error uploading diff: The file was not found in the repository (207)
>>> {'stat': 'fail', 'file': 
>>> '/branches/uia2atk/post-1.0-research/test/keystrokes/winforms/maskedtextbox.py/maskedtextbox.py',
>>>  'err': {'msg': 'The file was not found in the repository', 'code': 207}, 
>>> 'revision': '130088'}
Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

The file in question was recently added in SVN trunk, but does not
exist in the SVN post-1.0-research branch (and therefore it does not
exist in the git remote branch that mirrors the SVN branch).  I do not
know why reviewboard expects the file to exist.

I have added a few debug statements into post-review, and both
parent_diff (between master and git-svn/branches/post-1.0-research)
and diff (between git-svn/branches/post-1.0-research and my local
post-1.0-research branch) look completely correct.  Something is
happening on the server when reviewrequests/*/diff/new is called.

I am going to try merging the latest trunk changes into the branch
again and see if I still have this problem.  Otherwise I'm not really
sure what to do.

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