On Mar 23, 6:07 pm, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hey Sandy,
> Couple questions. First, is "git-svn/branches/post-1.0-research" the name of
> the actual branch in git?

Yes, that is the name that shows up when I do "git branch -a".

> The filename in that path definitely seems screwed up. It shows the filename
> as the parent directory of itself. So maybe there's some processing that's
> broken there.

That is the actual correct path of that file.  I double-checked
because I thought it was strange, too.

> That parent diff is generated by running:
> git diff --no-color --no-prefix -r -u master..<yourparentbranch>
> Does this look correct? If so, it's our processing. Would you mind sending
> us the diff for that file (as an attachment) using the above, if you can
> still get it?

I'll see what I can do to reproduce and get you a diff.  But as I
said, I looked at the diffs and everything looked fine.  The file
showed up as a deleted file in the parent diff, because it existed
only in trunk (never in the branch).  I'm fairly certain the problem
is on the server, because it was looking for that file path *on the
branch*, where it has never existed, and failing when it didn't find

Will hopefully have an update for you soon,
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