It's likely that it just doesn't support this. Someone may have to write the

Bazaar support was written and used by contributors, but we (the lead
developers) have no experience with it, so it's hard to really help here. Is
any Bazaar contributor able to answer this?


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On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 12:53 PM, Ritesh Nadhani <> wrote:

> Hello
> So this is in continuation of my previous messages.
> Just for testing, I checked out a local copy of the repo by doing:
> cd ~/Codes
> bzr co bzr+ssh://hostname/bzr/repo1 repo1
> and then in the settings, I set the repo path to be:
> /home/rnadhani/Codes/repo1
> and its working now.
> So I guess RB is not able to access it over SSH. How can I use this option?
> --
> Ritesh
> >

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