Hi all,

We just finished a comparison of reviewboard with Crucible and
CodeCollaborator.  Overall everyone was impressed with ReviewBoard as
it certainly holds its own against these commercial tools.

However, the users noted a few areas that could be improved.  Here are
the comments from the team:

"The Dashboard doesn't keep track of reviews that you have completed.
Instead it shows all the reviews in a large list. It's quite difficult
to know if you have completed a review or not by just looking at the
list. I believe it just colorizes the Posted and Last Updated columns,
but I believe this doesn't directly indicate the status of the review,
and doesn't indicate which reviewers haven't completed. It's probably
just triggered by time from when the review was created."

"Comments are hard to follow. I find that the way the list of comments
gets rendered that it's hard to follow. I realize they're sequential,
but I just find it confusing at times."

"Having to click publish is a bit of a clunky workflow. Sometimes I
forget that the green strip is there with a publish on it. I just want
to say OK to a comment and have it publish. Having to click publish is
an extra step I feel the tool could do without."

"There's no indication as to who has completed the review, and who has
yet to complete it. This would be helpful"

"It can't roll up revisions. Though this is because this tool is for
pre-checkins, it still makes it harder for the review to stay relevant
once you have made some further changes. You would have to start
another review with the new patch file, and that just makes the review
dashboard messier than it already is."

We'll continue to watch ReviewBoard closely -- it seems like it's on
its way to being a solid tool.

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