I have a question / request.

Short of chaning the code, Is there any way currently to use post-
review with a local diff file instead of it trying to create it's own?
I know that's part of the use of post-review, that it does that
automatically for you, but it would be nice to be able to pass it your
own diff.txt file.

If this seems like a strange request, maybe it is -- but here's what
we're looking to do. We want to be able to use pre-commit hooks to
create reviews automatically from the machine our SVN repo is hosted
on. I believe ( correct me if I'm wrong ) the current 'pre-commit' use
of post-review is that each developer must have post-review installed
on their computer, which isn't something we'd like to have to do. If
we could pass our own diff files to post-review, we could simply
install it on one machine, and have the pre-commit hooks generate a
diff.txt file, and post reviews using that.

If there is a better solution to the pre-commit use, please let me

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