I'd like to ask how to properly setup/configure reviewboard in case of 
Apache/FastCGI installation.

I have performed all "standard" initial actions and got the reviewboard 
initial page but now it says that 

Manual server updates required

A recent change requires manual updates to be made on this server. After these 
changes are made, you should restart your server.

To keep track of future updates, please visit the Required Server Updates 
page, or subscribe to the mailing list.

Well, I just created this installation with rb-site install ... and have 
already performed rb-site upgrade. Logs doesn't say anything useful, just 
usual FastCGI startup/shutdown info. What else should I check?

settings_local.py looks like this:

# Site-specific configuration settings for Review Board
# Definitions of these settings can be found at
# http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/settings/

# Database configuration
DATABASE_NAME = 'reviewboard'

# Unique secret key. Don't share this with anybody.
SECRET_KEY = '<the secret key>'

# Cache backend settings.
CACHE_BACKEND = 'memcached://localhost:11211/'

# Extra site information.
DEBUG = False

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