On Thursday 30 April 2009 16:56:20 Christian Hammond wrote:
> What are the paths it's listing in there? Are they what you'd expect?
I described the issues in a separate letter

> (On a side note, you have the wrong base diff path set in the patch you
> uploaded, so I can't see it.)
Heh, thank you, I've just fixed it. "Base directory" was wrong, I had to 
manually edit the diff generated by git to fulfil reviewboard SVN diff parser 
expectations and made a mistake.

Maybe it's worth to add a tip on the page about how a particular VCS patches 
should be prepared. Yes, I do remember about your `post-review` advise, but I 
didn't have neither svn nor git-svn nor external network connection on the 
(virtual) host where I made the changes :)

Alexey Morozov.

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