Hi Slava,

Is there a reason you're not using one of our built-in auth methods instead
of HTTP auth? We probably won't support both an auth method AND HTTP auth in
post-review, as it's redundant and complicates things. However, using
built-in auth I imagine would work well enough, and you can disable
registration (in beta 3, which will be released I think this weekend) so if
that's the reason for using HTTP auth, you should be set in just a week :)


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On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 2:20 PM, Slava Kurkov <sl...@runtoshop.fi> wrote:

> Hello, developing team!
> Our company RunToShop has an internal Review Board installed (Review Board
> 1.0 beta 2) for our developers. Therefore besides native Web site
> authentication provided by Review Board I have protected the system
> with "Secure Area" access for entire /reviews location. The problem I got
> immediately with post-review is that it prompts me User/Password dialog in
> command line whenever it tries to commit the changes to /api/json/... That
> is not convenient at all with Automating 
> post-review<http://www.review-board.org/docs/manual/dev/users/tools/post-review/#automating-post-review>in
>  svn hooks, as I basically can not prefill the authentication dialog
> running the post-review command automatically. I was looking for
> the solution for my problem in the net, but unfortunately did not see any
> similar posts about the issue.
> The temperary solution I have found so far by myself is to modify
> post-review.py itself in RBTools-0.2beta1 egg: http_get and http_postmethods. 
> I have altered request parameter with Authorization header before
> it gets read by urllib2.
> Will the issue I have just described with "Secure Area" can be solved in
> nearest future? Or maybe there are already some solutions exist?
> Thank you
> --
> Slava Kurkov
> Pixel Expert / New Integration Specialist
> RunToShop.fi
> Hiilikatu 3
> 00180 Helsinki Finland
> (040) 704-2048
> http://www.runtoshop.fi
> sl...@runtoshop.fi
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