I am trying to create Review Request for an existing change list and
get the following error:

>post-review.py -d 73292

>>> p4 info
>>> repository info: Path: perforce.oberonmedia.local:1666, Base path: None, 
>>> Supports changesets: True
>>> Generating diff for changenum 73292
>>> p4 describe -s 73292
>>> Processing edit of //depot/Aviva/Branch2/Doc2.txt
>>> Writing "//depot/Aviva/Branch2/Doc2.txt#2" to 
>>> "c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\1\tmpixyye8"
>>> p4 print -q //depot/Aviva/Branch2/Doc2.txt#2
>>> p4 where //depot/Aviva/Branch2/Doc2.txt
>>> diff -urNp c:\docume~1\admini~1\locals~1\temp\1\tmpixyye8 
>>> C:/WS/Aviva.Levin_ReviewBoard\depot\Aviva\Branch2\Doc2.txt
>>> Looking for 'review.example.com /' cookie in C:\Documents and 
>>> Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application 
>>> Data\.post-review-cookies.txt
>>> Loaded valid cookie -- no login required
>>> Attempting to create review request for 73292
>>> HTTP POSTing to http://review.example.com/api/json/reviewrequests/new/: 
>>> {'repository_path': 'perforce.oberonmedia.local:1666', 'changenum': '73292'}
Error creating review request: The repository path specified is not in
the list of known repositories (code 206)

System setteings are :

OS is WIN.

Have anyone some suggestion for resolution of this issue?


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