On Wednesday 06 May 2009 03:12:58 Christian Hammond wrote:
> We probably want to use os.path.pathsep instead of os.environ.get('IFS')
> anyway.

Christian, the problem is not with IFS, the problem with PATH and other common 
environment variables. Actually os.environ doesn't contain anything useful at 
all, so os.environ['PATH'] raises a KeyError. However I do see all relevant 
information, including system PATH, in Request META, and git binary is 
executed just fine. That's why I said it looks more like "security 
precautions" in [my] Apache, FastCGI or Django setup.

> Btw, I get a bounceback every time I e-mail you. Not sure if you're seeing
> any of my responses.
Yes, I read your messages without any problems. This is a public mail hub, and 
perhaps they have some sort of greylisting or whatever, but I'm not aware of 
any lost mail here, so please ignore these bounces.

Yours respectfully,

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