At VMware, we have a single server (with 4 processors I believe, but that's
not important) with about 4GB of RAM running a Review Board instance using
Apache and MySQL. It services over 2000 developers and connects to somewhere
around 15 repositories. We have almost 80,000 review requests on file. I
can't even guess as to how many reviews and diffs we have. Review Board has
been able to easily handle this load.

One of the important things is to make sure you have sufficient RAM and are
using memcached. We heavily cache rendered pages, diffs, and files coming
from your repositories in order to achieve maximum performance. The more RAM
you have, the better. At least to a point. 2GB worked pretty well for us for
a long time. We're using 4GB now, which is also working well and we haven't
come close to hitting it, I don't think.

The major bottlenecks are usually I/O-related. Database access and remote
repository access being the big ones.

If you do reach a point where the server can't handle the capacity, there
are things you can do.

A good start would be to move the database server to another system (or VM,
depending on how you're hosting this). Just transfer the database to another
server that Review Board can access and point to it in your
{sitedir}/conf/ file.

Review Board can access multiple memcached servers, so you could always
spread that out to multiple systems to increase the amount of data that can
be cached.

Though I've never tried it, in theory you could have the Review Board
software on multiple servers with a round-robin set up for the DNS, and have
each access the same memcached and database servers.

There's a number of other things that could be done. Our entire software
stack is designed to scale. We get that largely for free by using Django.
The common database and web servers are designed to scale as well.

Assuming you have a decently configured server with enough RAM, I wouldn't
be too concerned about scalability right now.

Christian Hammond -
Review Board -
VMware, Inc. -

On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 2:04 AM, KunalG <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am interested to know if RB has been tested for its scalability.
> Will a single server be able to handle around 200 or more developers
> working on different repositories ?
> Are there any other scalibility issues either by MySQL or any other
> thing for this.
> Thanks,
> Kunal
> >

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