I'm not really sure why this is an issue, but all uploads to reviewboard are
via diff.  If you use the post-review tool, you never have to
see/touch/smell the diff at all, you just deal with the review, and your
VCS's revision specs.

Even though you're uploading a diff, reviewboard goes out to your VCS, pulls
out the whole file, and hilights the areas which have changed.

I think that answers your question as I understand it; if you're asking
whether you can review existing files(like reviewing your whole codebase),
check the archives of this list... Christian has covered that a few times,
and it's very possible to do with post-review.


2009/5/25 Carlo Camerino <cmcamer...@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> i am evaluating several code review software for our company.
> We have this question regarding review board,
> one of the barriers of entry for our programmers to use reviewboard is that
> we are not using diffs for code reviews but rather we are using files.
> We don't want to be able to upload diffs but rather upload files for
> consumption purposes.
> Does review-board support this kind of model?
> if not,
> will it support it in the future.
> Hopefully ReviewBoard will be able to support it in the future as it
> is such a nice tool.
> Also do you support writing a review by email , or adding comments via
> email?
> Thanks
> Carlo
> >

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