I’m trying to bring review board to run together with perforce for
some time now, but never managed it to load up a changelist to the
review board server.

I’m using the post-review tool like this:
python.exe  c:/python25/scripts/post-review  440605 --debug >
(The htm is attached here

>From the htm I assume that the review board server tries to get some
information about the changelist via a P4API call that is analogue to
the commandline call
p4 describe –s  440605
This fails, even though the review board seems to be connected to the
perforce server.

Running the command
p4 describe –s  440605
directly on the commandline on the server works.

The problem happens with all changelist numbers, not only with 440605.

Trying for weeks now to get this to run and having fixed problem after
problem ...  now I am at the end of my wisdom. I hope some kind soul
can help me.

Best Regards and Thank you in Advance,

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