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On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 1:19 AM, ajwicker <awic...@nero.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I’m trying to bring review board to run together with perforce for
> some time now, but never managed it to load up a changelist to the
> review board server.
> I’m using the post-review tool like this:
> python.exe  c:/python25/scripts/post-review  440605 --debug >
> debug.htm
> (The htm is attached here
> http://reviewboard.googlegroups.com/web/p4exception.htm?gda=JYNrEUEAAADGmyYi4IfRYPm5fa7rAoCY06o5dxSVZVNklzNVJhiu4cxaw608Z9-U57PY1UdM3ZRTCT_pCLcFTwcI3Sro5jAzlXFeCn-cdYleF-vtiGpWAA
> )
> From the htm I assume that the review board server tries to get some
> information about the changelist via a P4API call that is analogue to
> the commandline call
> p4 describe –s  440605
> This fails, even though the review board seems to be connected to the
> perforce server.
> Running the command
> p4 describe –s  440605
> directly on the commandline on the server works.
> The problem happens with all changelist numbers, not only with 440605.
> Trying for weeks now to get this to run and having fixed problem after
> problem ...  now I am at the end of my wisdom. I hope some kind soul
> can help me.
> Best Regards and Thank you in Advance,
>    AJWicker
> >

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