I am new to ReviewBoard and our company (Broadcom) use ReviewBoard for
code review.
I plan to upgrade to rc2 and want to make sure my steps are correct:
I do not know how to get rb-site tool.
Also, once I upgrade to new version, Do I move to new database or
existing database and how this migration will happen.
Pl. look at the steps below and let me know where I am wrong so we can
perform upgrade as soon as possible as the bug fix in rc2 are really

Step 1:

Download setuptools-0.6c9-py2.5.egg (md5) from the link:

Once the EasyInstall is available, issue following command from dir: /

easy_install -U ReviewBoard

The console should display success or failure message and input any
information requested by easy_install application.

Step 2:

Once the ReviewBoard is installed correctly, we need to perform below
mentioned 3 steps:

        Performs database updates and migrations
�X      Rebuilds missing parts of the directory structure
�X      Updates the local copies or links to the Review Board media files

As per the Review Board Group Discussion, the all above objectives can
be achieved using following command:

rb-site upgrades /usr/local/lib64/python2.5/site-packages/reviewboard/

The rb-site tool gets install when you install ReviewBoard using
easy_install. The rb-site tool will perform database update and
migration and no additional steps are required.

Step 3:

Restart the server

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