I have been deploying Reviewboard within our environment, and it has gotten
a good level of adoption and praise for its ease of use.

One area that I have had some questions about is email.

People would like to have more control over the amount of mail they receive.

I was considering extending the accounts model to include boolean fields to
control the following 4 things.

1. Receive email for my own actions.
 - This would allow people to not get an email for any action they perform
in Review board that generates an email. The reasoning is that they know
what they did, and don't need to see an email about it.

2. Receive review request emails
3. Receive review emails
4. Receive reply emails

The reasoning on those 3 is that some individuals are using the tool heavily
and as such are logging in and viewing the review requests assigned to them,
and the reviews that they have posted, and don't more mail that they need to
filter off.

This change would involved updating the accounts model, the 'My account'
view and some of the code in email.py mostly


Thoughts/comments always appreciated.

Scott Quesnelle

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