1. There is no page to get the statistics as you mentioned. May be
when review board starts supporting extensions something like this can
be built (Can any developer comment?). As of now, you will be able to
connect to the database and with few simple queries you can extract
the statistics. But I don't think you'll get a guarantee that the
schema will not change in future releases.

2. You've got the process flow almost correct. The only addition is
this. After you get a "Ship It", the engineer checks in the code and
marks the review request as submitted. This will remove it from
everyone's dashboard.

Now, depending on your team's process you may need more than one "Ship
It" approval. You can handle that by checking the number in the "Ship
It" column in the dashboard.

3. You are right, review board does not have the concept of owner as
you described. But in my personal opinion, that concept is not very
useful. In fact, I would consider the engineer to be the owner of the
request always. But that's just me.

Hope that helps.


On Jun 1, 3:04 pm, "sailor...@gmail.com" <sailor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new for reviewboard.
> There are a couple of questions need your help.
> 1. Is there any page or command to get a summary or statistic from
> reviewboard?
> My scenario is like below.
> Assume my team have 10 engineers, and I would like to sort the code
> review activity for every guy.
> such as:
> - How many times review requests per week by someone?
> - How many feedback or comments per week by someone?
> 2. How to know one review request is finished for review?
>   Just by "ship it" indicator?
>   I almost go through all document and faq in the reviewboard web
> site, but I am still have no clear idea about the workflow of one code
> review.
> Below is my understanding about workflow, please help to correct it.
> a, engineer post review request and publish
> b, reviewer add comments and publish
> c, engineer clarify all reviewer's comments or upload a new diff.
> d, repeat b and c until reviewer click "review" and enable "ship it".
> e, This time, I can think this review request is finished, but seems I
> still be able to add comments or more "ship it" on this request.
> 3. How can I know the owner of one review request?
> I means before engineer publish his request, he will be the owner.
> after he publish the request to reviewer, reviewer will be the owner.
> after reviewer publish his comments or "ship it", who will be the
> owner?
> It seems reviewboard do not tend to have the concept of "owner", am I
> right?
> Sorry to make so many questions.
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