I would find it useful to to be able to configure this independently
for groups and people, such that a user can choose to be member of a
particular group, but not receive any emails from review requests to
that group, but only get emails if a review request is directed at the
user (listed in "people").

 - We have a number of development teams, which each map to one or
more reviewboard groups. I've setup "default reviewers" for the
different groups based on the repository paths of the files in the
review requests. We do it this way to make sure that all developers
can easily stay orientated about different review requests that is
relevant for them, and possibly comment if they feel like doing so.
They should not (be forced to) receive emails about these group review
requests. Mandatory reviewers are put in the "peoples" field, and
these should normally receive emails.

 -- Jeppe
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