I tried a couple of days on FC4, but I still can not let reviewboard
work for subversion repository.
The main reason is pysvn.
1. Try to install reviewboard on fc9, all dependency have no problem,
while do not know why reviewboard always fail with permission issue.
try it on FC4, with another whole day's install, all dependency and
reviewboard work except subversion since pysvn is missed. yum install
pysvn do not work.

2. since the FC4's default svn version 1.1.4, I need install pysvn-
there are no rpm or tarball for 1.2.0, I check it out from svn branch.
When I try to compile pysvn-extension, found it need PYCXX_5_3_3.

3. Go to pycxx site, found there is no PYCXX_5_3_3, then I decide to
try the next version PYCXX_5_3_4 and success to install.

4. install pysvn-extension-1.2.0
#python setup.py configure --pycxx-dir=/usr/include/python2.4/CXX --
Fail to compile due to cxx.o
Do not find way to build this pyCxx.o, give up

5. Try to upgrade svn to 1.6.x, found its dependency apr is conflict
with apache.

6. Till now, 4 days passed, I give up and decide to only let
reviewboard work with cvs though company decide to switch to svn

That is my failure story.
Maybe it is because of my poor Linux experience, but really
reviewboard is hard to setup for me.

I guess if someone can provide some simple way to install, it will
help reviewboard is used by more guys.Maybe, specific versoin linux
distribution with necessary install component and one script to
install all dependency should be good for normal linux user.

Anyway, as a free software, reviewboard bring a few significant
productivity for software programmer, I can not ask for more.

Thanks all guys involved on reviewboard.
I may try it out future.
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