I have started looking into what it would take to add git-p4 support
to post-review.

There was a placeholder already, I grab the server port from git-
config git-p4.port, as I can not find a more reliable way to get the
perforce settings from git-p4.

So far this part works.

The part I am still working on is the diff formating.
I am trying to mess around with code from the following methods to see
if I can mimic the post-review perforce format:
GitClient(SCMClient):make_svn_diff(self, parent_branch, diff_lines)

in GitClient(SCMClient):make_diff(self, parent_branch,
is source_branch ever used?

I think I need to do a diff of parent_branch (usually "p4") to
source_branch (master or current or options.branch. Does this sound

Anyone got any tips to help?

by the way, I am using git-p4 version
342529db309821f461e8f77d05bc5e01c76802ec, which should be the HEAD at
the time of this writing.

On Jun 5, 1:07 pm, "h...@pbrfrat.com" <steve.sennebo...@gmail.com>
> I am using git-p4 to use git to communicate with a perforce
> repository.
> so when I use post-review, it detects the git repository, and not the
> perforce one.  Is there a way I can override the repository detection
> stuff in post-review and force it to use perforce?
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