Christian Hammond wrote:
> ...I also would like an rbapi (or something) package for all the 
> server communication code. This would be separate from RBTools, but 
> RBTools would use it. post-review would be greatly simplified by these 
> two changes.

That would be awesome, we've had a couple of ideas for enhancements to 
post-review on modifying existing fields for a review (i.e. lookup 
followed by change) but the guys who want to work on it, are not web 
service people.

> I'd like to take all this a step further and provide a good way of 
> specifying defaults for post-review without modifying anything. There 
> are a few options for this:
> 1) User/system configuration files containing defaults. We'd need a 
> good way of determining the path for the system config file, as it may 
> vary (may want to keep it on network storage, for instance). Could 
> even check the directory post-review is in.
> 2) Look for an optional in the PYTHON_PATH. This 
> could be installed on the local user's system, or on a network share 
> somewhere. RBTools wouldn't care, so long as PYTHON_PATH is set to 
> wherever it is.
> 3) Both. Why not.

How about:

   1. Check for some environment variable that points to a config file,
      e.g. POST_REVIEW_CONF=/fullpath/filename.something
   2. no environment variable? Default to a search path for a
      specifically named file; home directory, current directory, path
      for post-review, python path (maybe), etc.

The names / order above would need to be thrashed out, it is more the 
idea that you can override with a search initiated if there is no setting.


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