I am working on a ReviewBoard RC2 on CentOS 5.2.

After creating a new review request, I was unable to locate any review
request ID/number on the dashboard and on the page which lists all the
review requests. When the review request was opened up, the browser
address bar was the only point where I could see an ID (e.g.  -- I take it that '13' is the review
request number). Is my observation correct or am I not looking for the
review request number in the correct place?

If the request number is not displayed by default, is there any admin
configuration or customization setting which I could use to enable the
review number being displayed on the dashboard and/or list of all
review request? Or is there any other method to get this done?

Below is the configuration/environment which I am using.
OS: CentOS 5.2
Python 2.4.3
ReviewBoard 1.0rc2
Djblets 0.5rc1
Django 1.0.2-final
django-evolution (latest checkout from SVN on 21 May 2009)
flup 1.0.1
RBTools 0.2beta1

Thank you.

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