Well, everyone who uses p4 will probably rather use post-review. ;)

The tool in the rbtools/contrib should probably be renamed something with 
"p4win" in it, as it is an extension for p4win, and a lot of people use p4v now 
since p4win has been deprecated for a few years. I keep starting to make a 
similar extension ("custom tool") for p4v but their "terminal" isn't a real 
terminal and can't handle the method post-review uses to collect your password 
if you need to authenticate. That's certainly something that can be handled 
pretty easily... post-review, or a wrapper (or preferably a rbapi library) 
probably needs a way of finding out if you are authenticated or not that 
doesn't go directly to asking you for your password.

-- Paul
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There is a P4 tool located in rbtools/ contrib.  If you set that up there is no 
need to run post-review from the command line.

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There's a lot of documentation on this at 


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I downloaded RBTools-0.2beta. afterwords i have no clue how to proceed
for integrating post-review into Perforce.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


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