I'm considering it.

A lot of the discussion on this mailing list is from new members, and my
only concern is that turning on moderation is going to cause delays for new
members trying to get their Review Board server set up, particularly if
we're not around to moderate the messages.

What I may end up doing is appointing a couple people as moderators and then
turn on moderation. If I end up doing this, I'll make an announcement with
the details.


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On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 3:20 PM, James Turnbull <ja...@lovedthanlost.net>wrote:

> Gavin wrote:
> > You can turn on moderation for new members.
> >
> I manage a bunch of Google Groups lists and we've done this.  As a
> result we've had one piece of spam in 12 months that got through the
> filters.
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> James Turnbull
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