Hmm... I don't know about that. I mean, if you really wanted to try and stick 
unique identifiers in your p4 commands so you could track which ones were 
currently pending, I guess you could, but I assume your Perforce administrators 
would get cranky at you. ;) Also, I don't really know how feasible that would 
be for showing progress... I mean, all you get from monitor is what processes 
are still alive, and how long they've been running. Maybe I misunderstood where 
you were going with that.

The main purpose of throwing in a -zprog is just to make things a little 
prettier on the Perforce side. It lets you identify your application to the 
server, so logs and monitor output will display that instead of a generic "p4" 
(for post-review) or whatever the p4 python api reports (for Review Board). 
Mostly this is just a way of playing nice in the general Perforce environment. 
Though this might also allow RB admins who also have access to Perforce server 
logs to get a better sense of how they are affecting or being affected by 
Perforce performance. (There may be other ways of identifying Review Board in 
logs depending on your configuration--user, RB server IP--though probably not 
for post-review).

This wouldn't be a huge change (just tack that on to p4 commands, and set 
something in the p4python connection object) and I would think the only major 
reason not to do it is if people didn't really want Review Board reported as 
reviewboard or similar in their Perforce logs.

-- Paul

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Subject: Re: Report application name to Perforce using -zprog?

So this would allow for reporting progress on, say, file fetches from Perforce? 
Something like that would be interesting for displaying progresses on rendering 
diffs, but would be a lot of work. We'd need to find a good use case for it and 
implement things in a way where our code could take advantage of this 
information without requiring (for all the other SCMs).


Christian Hammond -<>
Review Board -
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On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Paul Scott 
<<>> wrote:

Hey Review Boarders,

My team uses the -zprog global option with a few major internal 
scripts/applications to help better track usage patterns. (If you're unfamiliar 
with -zprog, you can read about it here: I 
was thinking about adding this to our Review Board and post-review. How/where I 
implement this will be a little bit different based on whether this is a 
customization or something I intend to submit as a patch, so I wanted to see if 
this is something folks would like Review Board to do, or not like Review Board 
to do, or what.

Paul Scott

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