Hello, I have updated codereview using rbsite but I am having refresh
issues. For example, when I press refresh button on the site I see 1.0
beta many times and sometimes I see 1.0 with the icon (non beta). It
isn't my browsing cookies or client cache cause It is still happening.
I really don't know what is wrong. The only thing that comes into mind
is memcached, I tried restarting it and it still alternates between
1.0beta and 1.0/

Any ideas? I was going to present Review Board to my boss this
morning :) But it is somehow acting weird. Same thing applies if I
change any settings for review board, it sometimes think I am doing
both (for example if I enabled active directory, where my previous was
registration, it thinks I am using active directory sometimes and
sometimes registration.

Any way how to solve this?

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