I'm trying to set up Review Board to work with a Perforce server. The
Perforce executable is called "sd" instead of "p4", but works in the
exact same way as Perforce does. I had replaced all the instances of
"p4" with "sd" in the post-review script.

I've created a new changelist that affects only one file, and before
submitting it I try running the post-review script (last version from
nightlies). This is what I get:

>>> sd print -o 
>>> c:\users\aalegr~1.ntd\appdata\local\temp\dfbl_migdevroot\tmpgms4az -q 
>>> //depot/branch/xxxxx/file.cpp#15
Perforce client error:
        Usage: sd -? for usage.
        Invalid option: -G.
Failed to execute command: ['sd', '-G', 'where', '//depot/depot/branch/

Any ideas?

If I try doing this with a changelist that has already been submitted
I get a different error:

Error creating review request: The change number specified could not
be found (code 203)

I suppose this is because Review Board is trying to use p4 instead of

What else will not work correctly because my perforce client
executable is "sd" instead of "p4"?


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