We require either a tab or more than one space. The reason for this is that
the filename may contain spaces, and we have no good way of knowing where
the filename ends and the revision info begins. Yes, in this case it's
marked by parens, but much of the diff parsing code is generic, and we have
to account for a lot of different things.

I'd be glad to accept a patch to improve parsing when parens are involved in
order to lessen the tab/multiple spaces requirement.


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On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 11:03 PM, Eric P <eric.maill...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Kind of a strange issue here.
> I created a diff file via Trac (OSS project mgmt software), but Review
> Board won't accept it.   Here's the error I receive:
> "No valid separator after the filename was found in the diff header"
> The exact same diff if procured via the Subversion client works fine.
> Upon examining both diffs (attached) the only different I see is in the
> following two lines:
> --- /root/branches/someBranch/the_file.cfm (revision 8375)
> +++ /root/branches/someBranch/the_file.cfm (revision 8376)
> The space between ".cfm (revision" is a space in the Trac diff (0x20) but
> in the Subversion diff it's a tab (0x09).  Is
> the Trac diff truly an invalid diff, or is Review Board just being picky?
> Thanks,
> Eric P.
> >

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