Hello All-
     I was trying to find out Open Source Code review tools and I came
across "Review Board". I am only familiar with Rational Clearcase for
source code management. That is the I have for usage. I have gone
through the Review board website. I am not getting how it takes the
code differences for the review. When I was trying to use the demo
website, there it asks base file path and diff to choose a file. I
don't understand what it needs to be gone here. I have following
queries regarding my usage of Review Board,
 - How do I give files to see the differences for the review.
 - Does it support Rational Clearcase repository? if not, is there any
way to tweak it?
 - Can I refer the review files directly from the repository in my
case it is Clearcase?
 - How do I give multiple files differences in a single review? since
it is always possible to have multiple files changes in a single

Thanks in advance!
Awaiting for the reply!


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