Hi Oliver,

Yes, Clearcase is in fact supported. We have tested out setting it up
running on Windows here and were able to get it to working. The path
should be the location of a dynamic view and you don't need cygwin to
use it. There is code in post-review to support using cygwin or the
regular cmd.exe on Windows.

We did have to modify one line of code in post-review to get it to run
successfully, at which point we were able to run post-review and pass
a list of files are arguments. This uploaded a diff of the checked out
files against their base revisions. I believe you also need to modify
the hard-coded location in the post-review script for it to work.

I will try to submit a patch in a few days to fix post-review. Let me
know if you have any luck setting it up.


On Jul 10, 1:24 am, Oliver Jones <orjo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> According to the ReviewBoard 1.0 release notes ReviewBoard is supposed
> to support ClearCase "out of the box".
> However once I had ReviewBoard 1.0 installed on my Windows server the
> config section's Scmtools area didn't mention ClearCase.
> After a little Googling I found that you need to add the ClearCase
> SCMTool manually into the DB.  That I have done.
> Now I assume I need to add a repository.  However I have no idea what
> to enter into the "Path" configuration item when adding the repo.
> This page contains info on determining the path with SVN, Git, etc,
> but not 
> ClearCase:http://www.review-board.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/management/reposito...
> Is ClearCase actually supported??
> Reading the post-review script it also appears that the clearcase code
> assumes you're using Cygwin.  We do not have Cygwin installed here.
> And getting it installed could be difficult.
> It also seems to hard code the vob location.
> Can someone who has actually gotten ClearCase and ReviewBoard to play
> nice with each other in a Windows (non-Cygwin) environment help me out
> here.
> Thanks
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