I will try to write up my experience as I can. (Un)fortunately, we're
not using RB with Clearcase right now, as I run a rogue Clearcase-to-
git system, and use RB with git :)

At minimum right now, we need to get the the line from Bartek's patch
to add split_line=TRUE committed or post-review will just fail for end
users. If you can get the Clearcase SCMTool to be added to the list of
scmtools by default, that would be great, too. I have no idea how to
do that, though.


On Jul 10, 3:29 pm, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hi djs,
> Since David and I have no ClearCase support or really test infrastructure,
> would I be able to convince you to write some entries for our docs on
> setting it up and using it? Nothing major, but it would be good if people
> were able to get it working easier than they are.
> Christian
> --
> Christian Hammond - chip...@chipx86.com
> Review Board -http://www.review-board.org
> VMware, Inc. -http://www.vmware.com
> On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 7:22 AM, djs <d...@n-cube.org> wrote:
> > Hi Oliver,
> > Yes, Clearcase is in fact supported. We have tested out setting it up
> > running on Windows here and were able to get it to working. The path
> > should be the location of a dynamic view and you don't need cygwin to
> > use it. There is code in post-review to support using cygwin or the
> > regular cmd.exe on Windows.
> > We did have to modify one line of code in post-review to get it to run
> > successfully, at which point we were able to run post-review and pass
> > a list of files are arguments. This uploaded a diff of the checked out
> > files against their base revisions. I believe you also need to modify
> > the hard-coded location in the post-review script for it to work.
> > I will try to submit a patch in a few days to fix post-review. Let me
> > know if you have any luck setting it up.
> > Dan
> > On Jul 10, 1:24 am, Oliver Jones <orjo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > > According to the ReviewBoard 1.0 release notes ReviewBoard is supposed
> > > to support ClearCase "out of the box".
> > > However once I had ReviewBoard 1.0 installed on my Windows server the
> > > config section's Scmtools area didn't mention ClearCase.
> > > After a little Googling I found that you need to add the ClearCase
> > > SCMTool manually into the DB.  That I have done.
> > > Now I assume I need to add a repository.  However I have no idea what
> > > to enter into the "Path" configuration item when adding the repo.
> > > This page contains info on determining the path with SVN, Git, etc,
> > > but not ClearCase:
> >http://www.review-board.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/management/reposito...
> > > Is ClearCase actually supported??
> > > Reading the post-review script it also appears that the clearcase code
> > > assumes you're using Cygwin.  We do not have Cygwin installed here.
> > > And getting it installed could be difficult.
> > > It also seems to hard code the vob location.
> > > Can someone who has actually gotten ClearCase and ReviewBoard to play
> > > nice with each other in a Windows (non-Cygwin) environment help me out
> > > here.
> > > Thanks
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