Are you using post-review on a regular git repository? The check is
there to determine if it is a git-svn repository (git repository that
synchronizes with svn). I think it needs to come first because you
can't directly check that a repository is pure git. Since git-svn is a
perl script, I imagine that is part of the performance penalty. We
could probably change it to do a more direct check, such as looking
for the .git/svn directory. We'd need some git-svn users to test it
out, though.


On Jul 8, 8:52 am, Petter Måhlén <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Using post-review feels like it is a bit slower than necessary, and
> when using the --debug flag, it seems as if one of the main culprits
> is the execution of 'git svn info'. It takes several seconds to run
> for me. I am guessing it is used for 'git on top of SVN'? Would it be
> possible/reasonable to disable that check (and the other git svn
> commands, perhaps) if SVN is not relevant?
> Cheers,
> Petter
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